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Munich Rubyshift

Ruby User Group Munich


this Topic will be presented by Lucas Dohmen

at Rubyshift March 2016, hosted by Bascht

Codegolfing is an interesting sport: You try to write a program in the fewest characters necessary. Do you want to ship this code to production somewhere? Probably not, but just by trying this exercise you will learn a lot about your favorite programming language. You will also be surprised by how much you can do in just a few lines of code while the constraints will stimulate your productivity. Ruby is surprisingly good for golfing due to its Perl heritage.

In this talk I will tell you a bit more about code golfing and then dive into some code I have golfed. I will show you some tricks I learned and how the desire to shave off a few more characters every time leads to new features in your tiny program that you thought would not fit in such a tiny program.